Partner Program

Qualification Criteria:

To join the Partner Program, you need to:

  • Own at least 10 Oxen Yield Farm NFT.

Earning Rewards: Once qualified, here's how you can earn rewards:

  • Refer 10 NFTs: Earn 120 USDC per NFT per month.

  • Rewards are paid out on a daily basis: For 10 NFTs, that's 4 USDC daily.

  • For every additional 5 NFTs referred, your Reward increases.

  • This pattern continues for higher multiples, such as 25, 30, and so on. For every set of 5 NFTs sold beyond the initial 10, you will receive an additional 2 USDC in daily rewards. This means the more NFTs you successfully refer, the higher your daily rewards will become, providing you with an even more lucrative opportunity to benefit from your active participation.

Maintaining Qualification:

  • Keep at least 1 NFT in your wallet at all times.

  • If a referred customer sells their NFT and your count drops to 9, you won't be eligible for rewards until you refer a new NFT and maintain 10.

Partner Registration Link :

Step 1: Referral Process

  1. Partner shares their unique Polygon wallet address with potential customers.

  2. Customers send a transaction of 0.1 to 1 Matic to the partner's Polygon wallet before purchasing the NFT.

Step 2: Recording Referrals

  1. Partner keeps track of the Matic transaction hash when received from customers and the hash of the NFT purchase transaction made by the customer.

  2. These hashes will be used to verify and count the referrals accurately.

Step 3: Submitting Form

  1. For each referral, the partner submits a form provided by Oxen Yield Farm.

  2. The form includes fields for partner's wallet address, Matic transaction hash, NFT purchase transaction hash, and other relevant details.

  3. Referral Tracking Link :

Step 4: Qualification Check

  1. Oxen Yield Farm verifies the information submitted by the partner.

  2. If all details are accurate and meet the criteria, the referral is counted.

Step 5: Weekly Rewards Distribution

  1. Rewards will be calculated for a partner after they've referred 10 NFTs.

  2. Rewards will be distributed daily in USDC, starting from the next Monday after 10 successful referrals have been collected.

Step 6: Weekly Payment Cycle Start

  1. The counting cycle for 10 referrals starts from every new Monday.

  2. Once a partner achieves 10 referrals, their daily rewards will begin in the next Monday's payout cycle.

Step 7: Consistency

  1. Partners must ensure they submit accurate information for each referral using the provided form.

  2. Accuracy in tracking the Matic transaction and NFT purchase hash is crucial for proper reward calculation.

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